How to Get an ESN Number Off a Cadillac Car

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Cadillac cars, such as the STS, CTS, CTS-V, and SRX, come equipped with XM satellite radio. To activate this service, you'll need to contact XM's customer service line. The customer service representative will need the car's radio ID to activate it remotely. The radio ID is also known as the ESN (electronic serial number). The ESN is displayed on channel "0."

Step 1

Start your Cadillac's engine. Push the "Power" button to turn the radio on, unless it is already on.

Step 2

Push the "Sat" button to switch to the XM satellite radio band. If your Cadillac radio doesn't have a "Sat" button, push the "Band" button until the radio display shows "XM."

Step 3

Turn the "Tune" knob to the right or left to change the satellite radio channel. Tune the radio to channel "0." Write down the displayed ESN.