How to Erase Texts From an LG Cosmos Verizon Phone

by Kefa Olang

The LG Cosmos Verizon phone supports texting, a feature that allows you to send and receive instant text messages. Received and sent messages, as well as drafts, are stored on the phone's memory. Although this can be beneficial if you want to review text messages, you can also erase unwanted messages. With the LG Cosmos, you can delete single messages, multiple texts in a folder or the entire list of stored texts, depending on your preference.

Erasing Text Messages


Press the left soft key to select "Message" while your LG Cosmos is in standby mode, then press the "2" key to select "Messages."


Select the message to erase, then press the right right soft key to select the "Erase" option.


Press the right soft key on the "Messages" screen to select "Options" if you want to delete all the text messages in a specific folder as an alternative method to Steps 1 and 2. Select "Erase Inbox," "Erase Sent," "Erase Drafts" or "Erase All," depending on the type of messages to erase. Keep in mind that selecting one of these options will erase all the text messages in that particular folder.


Press "OK" twice to confirm your selection.

Auto Erasing Read Messages


Press the left soft key to select the "Message" option, followed by "Settings."


Press the directional key and select the "Auto Erase Inbox" option. Select "On" to automatically delete read text messages when you exceed the storage limit.


Save your changes to complete the process. Once enabled, the Auto Erase Inbox will automatically delete read text messages if the phone is running out of storage space.

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