How to Erase an SD Card

By Kat Stafford

i SD Card image by Haris Rauf from

SD cards are handy devices, but since a multitude of accessories use them (phones, cameras and even the Wii), they fill quickly with data. Erasing the data from an SD card requires just a few mouse clicks when the card is connected to a computer. For this task, you will need an SD card reader. Any type of SD card reader will do, be it USB, express port, or built-in to your laptop or desktop.

Step 1

Insert the SD card into the card reader. If the card reader is USB or express port, plug it into the computer.

Step 2

Click the "Start" menu.

Step 3

Click "Computer" or "My Computer," depending on your operating system. You should see several drives listed.

Step 4

Click on the drive that is called "Removable Drive E:" The drive with your SD card could be named "F" or "G" as well, so make sure when you click on it, the files that appear are the ones you want to delete from the SD card.

Step 5

Press "Ctrl+a" to select all of the files on the SD card.

Step 6

Press the "Delete" key.

Step 7

Click "Yes" on the menu that appears asking if you would like to send these files to the recycle bin. The files are then erased from the disk.