What Equipment Do I Need for Skype?

By Eric H. Doss

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Skype is a service that allows users to complete Internet based calls. Skype can be used to call computer to computer and also land lines and mobile phones. Skype is used with personal computers, but there is a mobile version of Skype for cell phones.


Download the software at "skype.com". Skype is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Skype is also available for Sony PSP.

Free Service

You don't have to purchase Skype credit to make computer-to-computer calls. With this method, you can make voice and video calls and use instant messaging.

Paid Services

If you wish to make calls to land line or mobile phones, you have to purchase Skype credit. Skype credit is available in monthly and yearly subscriptions and also pay as you go.

Basic Hardware

To complete a Skype call, you need a microphone and a speaker. Most computers include a microphone and speaker. You can purchase more advanced microphones and speakers to improve your call quality. You can also purchase a headset with a microphone for better quality.

Advanced Hardware

Skype also produces special telephones that are designed to work with the service. Some phones allow you to use Skype in addition to your land line service, while others must be plugged into the computer.