EPM File Extension

by Stephen Byron Cooper

The EPM file extension is an Encrypted Portable Media file. Encryption is a method of scrambling data so that it cannot be read by anyone who does not have a decrypting program and a decryption key that corresponds to the encryption key that encoded the file. The files encrypted by the system are music and video files.

Destiny Media Technologies

The EPM format is owned by Destiny Media Technologies. Destiny Media operates in the field of Digital Media Rights. DRM attempts to resolve problems with copyright infringement encountered in the publishing, music and video industries. The growth in popularity of file-sharing sites damages the profitability of the entertainment industry because each illegal copy earns no royalties for the company that owns the rights to that content. Destiny Media Technologies is a Canadian company that was founded in 1991 as a computer game producer, but it gradually switched to DRM solutions.

Play MPE

Although the file extension for Destiny Media Technology files is EPM, the product based around the format is called "Play MPE." The company does not explain the abbreviation MPE. Play MPE is not a player and cannot produce a music or video file. The application takes a pre-existing audio or video file and encrypts it for delivery. The company calls this a “digital courier service.”


Encryption is usually applied to data in transmission to protect it from snoopers during transmission. The application of encryption is most prevalent in the transfer of authentication details, like user names and passwords, or to transfer bank or credit card details, or medical records. The EPM application has a different motivation. It is to ensure that the recipients of files cannot use them unless they have paid for them. Destiny Media Technologies terms its system as an "envelope." The envelope may contain one or many files and the charging structure is based on the size of the files contained within the envelope. A transmission is termed a “send.”


The EPM file has two security features that are both copyrighted and proprietary to Destiny Media Technologies. The first is the “Digital Locking Technology.” This is the files encryption system. The second is a digital watermark, which enables illegal copies to be traced to the original buyer, who may then be prosecuted. The locking mechanism records the address and identification details of the buyer's computer, which limits access to the file only to that computer.

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