What Is En-Us in Microsoft Windows?

By Michael Hintz

Many programs, such as Microsoft's Windows, are used by diverse populations around the world. Programmers find it useful to write the software code for such international programs so that text and other regional specifications can be easily integrated. En-Us is an example of such a code.


En-Us is an abbreviation for English-United States.

Primary Function

The En-Us language code tells the Windows operating system (or other program that uses language codes) to display text as per United States English standards. This is sometimes known as "localizing" content.

Other Functions

It also tells Windows how to display common values, such as units of measurement and date and calendar display based on regional preference.

Other Codes

Other codes will tell Windows to display text and other regional specifications as per that region's liking. For example, En-Gb (English-United Kingdom) would still display English text, but measurements would be displayed in metric by default, among other changes.


More popular languages, such as English, French, German and Spanish, have many regional variations. Less popular languages, such as Czech, Danish, Greek and Hebrew have only one. For example, there are 18 regional Spanish variations available, plus a non-regional Spanish, abbreviated Es.