How to Enter Text in a Cell Phone

by Herman Cruz
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Ever since the cell phone industry took the world by storm, text messaging (also known as texting) has changed the way people communicate. However, not everyone uses text messages and some need guidance to get started. Texting is the most popular application in cell phone devices, and the process to enter a text in a cell phone is fairly easy. There's no reason not to know how to text.

Step 1

Access your phone's "Menu."

Step 2

Access the "Message" or "Messages" icon (usually a mailbox.) Depending on your phone, you may be able to access this icon from your phone's main screen.

Step 3

Access the "New message" option. If your phone doesn't show this option, go to the "Inbox" option and choose "New message" or "New" from there.

Step 4

Choose the "Text message" option. You may have two options, "SMS" or "MMS." Choose the "SMS," which is the "Text message" option.

Step 5

Add the phone number of the person you are sending the text to. The number goes in the "To:" area.

Step 6

Select "OK" to go to the blank field, which is where you will type your text (the body of the message).

Step 7

Begin entering your text using the keypad. Some phones have T9word, which guesses what you are going to type, word by word. However, sometimes the T9word program isn't accurate. If you don't like T9word, use the ABC option. With the ABC option, each number has letters assigned. For instance, the number 2 has the letters A, B and C assigned to it. If you want to type the letter "c," press the number "2" button three times. The "#" symbol is usually the space bar, the "*" symbol shifts to capital letters, and the number "1" displays symbols like the period, comma and colon, to name a few.

Finish entering your text. Once you are done, push the "Send" button.


  • Keep in mind that every phone is different. It is highly recommended that you play around with your phone using these steps as your guideline. This way you will get to know your phone with ease. Always add the area code when sending a text, even if it is the same area code as yours.


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