How to Enter Capital Letters on a Motorola Cell Phone

By Art Corvelay

You can choose to send capital or lowercase letters on your Motorola phone.
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Motorola produces a variety of cell phones for many different cell phone service providers. If you are using a Motorola phone that is capable of sending text messages, you may want to know how to capitalize letters on your cell phone. There is a standard way of setting and changing text from lowercase to capital that is used by many Motorola phones. This method differs between non-QWERTY (standard phones) and QWERTY (smart phones) keyboards.

Non-Qwerty Keyboard

Step 1

Turn on your Motorola cell phone and create a new text message. To do this, navigate to the phone's messaging center. This will likely have an icon of an envelope.

Step 2

Choose a text entry mode. The default mode is "Primary," but you may have accidentally changed it. To change the mode back to "Primary," press "Options" on the text screen and select "Primary." This will allow you to text letters and numbers.

Step 3

Choose a method for creating text. Press "Options" and then "Entry Setup." You can choose from iTap English, iTap Spanish, and Tap method. iTap predicts your next letter while the Tap method requires you to press the key multiple times to choose a letter.

Step 4

Capitalize the letters that you want to capitalize by pressing the "0" button on your phone. When you press this button while texting, one of three settings will appear: "abc," "ABC," and "Abc." Choose "ABC" if you want to capitalize the entire message. Choose "Abc" to capitalize only the next upcoming letter.

Full QUERTY Keyboard

Step 1

Turn your phone on and create a new message. This will likely have an icon of an envelope to depict the messaging center.

Step 2

Press the "Shift" button, which looks like an upward arrow on the QWERTY keyboard. Pressing it once will capitalize only the next letter.

Step 3

Press the "Shift" button twice to text the entire message in capital letters. If you press it one more time, you can turn off capitalization.