How to Enter Fractions in AutoCAD

By David Ripley

Adding text, including fractional measurements, is vital in drafting
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AutoCAD is one of the most widely used 2D and 3D drafting programs in the world. There are two types of text available in AutoCAD -- Single, or Dynamic, Text and Multiline Text. Between the two, Multiline Text has more flexibility with the formatting tools found in a word processing program. Additionally, adding special characters such as fractions is easily achieved using this method.

Open AutoCAD. Select "File" followed by "Open." Navigate to where you have stored the drawing you want to add notes to, highlight it and then select "Open." Type "mtext"' followed by "Enter." This will start the Multiline Text Editor.

Pick the first corner of the Multiline Text box by clicking on a point onscreen or inputting a coordinate. Select the other corner of the text box the same way. The rest of the Editor appears. Set the size and style of the text by selecting the "Styles" drop-down box on the Editor.

Type your text. Fractions are formatted as follows: A forward slash -- such as "1/2" -- will create a horizontal line with the text stacked vertically. A hash -- such as "1#2" -- will stack the text diagonally with a diagonal line.

Close the Multiline Text Editor when you have finished. The text is added to the drawing, and you will now see your fractions correctly formatted onscreen. When you have completed your drawing, save it and exit AutoCAD.