How to Enter Data in Access

by Eliah Sekirin

Microsoft Access is a database application that is a part of the Microsoft Office applications suite. Entering data into Microsoft Access isn't difficult. Essentially, there are two ways to do that: through a datasheet view or by entering a new record on an Access form.

Datasheet View

Step 1

Double-click the table you'd like to enter data to. Table names are at the bottom of the "Create" choices.

Step 2

Wait for a table with horizontal rows and vertical columns to appear. A row is a record in your table. The left triangle on the far left indicates that the record is selected.

Step 3

Enter a new record by filing out fields right of the asterisk (the rows at the bottom). If you'd like to change the content of a cell, double-click it.

Press Ctrl+S (save the database), and your changes to the table will be saved.

Using a Form

Step 1

Click on the Forms button that is on the left of the dialog box..

Step 2

Double-click the form that corresponds with the table (it should have a similar name).

Step 3

After a new window appears, locate a button to the left of the number of records (located at the bottom of the dialog box). It looks like >*

Type the data into the form. Save your table by clicking Ctrl and S simultaneously.


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