How to Enter Coordinates on Navigon

By Melissa King

Your Navigon GPS device gives you directions to almost any business or residential address in North America. The GPS enables you to select a destination by entering an address, selecting a point of interest (POI) or inputting the coordinates of the location. Entering coordinates allows you to get directions to an off-road location or a destination that doesn't have a physical address.

Step 1

Power on the Navigon unit and tap "New Destination" in the Navigation window. Tap "Enter an Address."

Step 2

Tap "Options" in the Address window, then tap "Enter Coordinates."

Step 3

Enter the degree of latitude and longitude as a decimal number. Begin your entry with a minus sign if you wish to enter a southern degree of latitude or a western degree of longitude.

Step 4

Enter the latitude and longitude as minutes and seconds if you prefer not the input the coordinates as a decimal number. Tap the "Degree" icon to enter the degree, the ' button to enter minutes and the " button to enter seconds. To change the latitude from North to South, tap the "NS" button. When entering longitude, tap "EW" to change it from East to West.

Step 5

Tap "Yes" or "No" to enable or disable the Activate MyRoutes function. This tool, when enabled, will calculate several route possibilities and allow you to choose one.

Tap "Navigation" to get directions to the coordinates you entered, or tap "Parking" to receive directions to a car park near the destination.