How to Enter Coordinates on Navigon

By Melissa King

Enter coordinates to get directions to any address.
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Your Navigon GPS device gives you directions to almost any business or residential address in North America. The GPS enables you to select a destination by entering an address, selecting a point of interest (POI) or inputting the coordinates of the location. Entering coordinates allows you to get directions to an off-road location or a destination that doesn't have a physical address.

Step 1

Power on the Navigon unit and tap "New Destination" in the Navigation window. Tap "Enter an Address."

Step 2

Tap "Options" in the Address window, then tap "Enter Coordinates."

Step 3

Enter the degree of latitude and longitude as a decimal number. Begin your entry with a minus sign if you wish to enter a southern degree of latitude or a western degree of longitude.

Step 4

Enter the latitude and longitude as minutes and seconds if you prefer not the input the coordinates as a decimal number. Tap the "Degree" icon to enter the degree, the ' button to enter minutes and the " button to enter seconds. To change the latitude from North to South, tap the "NS" button. When entering longitude, tap "EW" to change it from East to West.

Step 5

Tap "Yes" or "No" to enable or disable the Activate MyRoutes function. This tool, when enabled, will calculate several route possibilities and allow you to choose one.

Step 6

Tap "Navigation" to get directions to the coordinates you entered, or tap "Parking" to receive directions to a car park near the destination.