How to Enter BIOS in a Panasonic

By C. Taylor

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The Basic Input/Output System of your Panasonic computer gives you assess to advanced configuration options. For example, you can configure your Toughbook to automatically boot from a CD or DVD drive when a bootable disc is present. In addition, the BIOS is where you set your system clock and enable or disable certain hardware. The BIOS operates independently of Windows, so you must access the BIOS menus during the startup cycle before the operating system loads.

Step 1

Restart your Panasonic computer, or press the "Power" button if it is not already booted up.

Step 2

Press "F2" as soon as you see the message "Press F2 to Enter Setup" below the Panasonic logo. To ensure that you press the key at the right time, you can press the key repeatedly while the computer is booting until you see the BIOS screen.

Step 3

Navigate through the BIOS menus using the arrow keys on your keyboard. When you are finished, press "Esc" and then press "Enter" to save your changes and exit.