How to Enlarge the Size of a Photo

by J.S. Copper

Microsoft has long since included the basic drawing program, Microsoft Paint, with the Windows operating system. In addition to drawing digital pictures, the utility can also be used to manipulate your photos. This includes basic image editing, as well as resizing. You can easily enlarge your photo to certain pixel dimensions or simply enlarge the photo by a certain percentage.

Open Microsoft Paint, via the "Accessories" sub-menu in the "Start" menu.

Click the "Paint" button, select "Open" and browse to photo you wish to enlarge. Click "Open."

Select the "Home" tab, click "Resize" (within the "Image" grouping).

Enter the specific pixel size you wish the picture to be or enter the percentage by which you want the picture enlarged. Click the option to "Maintain aspect ratio" to avoid a skewed image. Click "OK" to enlarge the picture.

Select the "Paint" button, select "Save As..." to save the enlarged photo. Enter a name and click "Save."

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