How to End an Installation in Progress

by Michelle Varsallona

Installing new software onto your computer can be a lengthy process depending on how many gigabytes or megabytes you are installing. For some installation processes it is recommended you stop running other programs and close all windows on the computer. If you start the installation and then you realize you do not have the time to complete it, pay attention to it or decide you no longer want to install it on your computer, you can stop the installation before it ends.

Click "Cancel" on the installation window while the progress bar is loading.

Exit out of the installation window at any time if you are not at the point where the progress bar is loading. There may also be a "Cancel" button in the window as well.

Verify the cancellation. When you choose to leave the installation process you will likely encounter a window asking you to verify the cancellation and inform you that you will lose all progress of your installation.


  • check If you cancel an installation, you will have to start over when and if you wish to install the software in the future.

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