How to Encrypt Your Internet Browsing With Google

by Ranjan Rehman
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Encrypted Google is a popular tool for people who don't like their search habits on Google to be monitored on public Wi-Fi at an airport or by an IT Network administrator at work. When you search over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, your searches are encrypted so they can't be read by a third party, such as a hacker or Internet service provider. Such encryption will cut down on network eavesdropping and also prevent some online attacks.

Encrypt Your Internet Browsing With Google

Step 1

Open your Web browser of choice and type ""

Step 2

A second option is to type ""

Note that "Google SSL" is displayed on the screen, along with a lock icon. Type your search in the search bar and click "Enter."


  • You may notice that your searches are slower because your computer needs to first establish a secure connection with Google.
  • Only your searches are encrypted. Once you click on a search result, you will no longer be protected over an SSL connection unless the site you click on is also preceded by https.
  • The sites you visit will continue to be logged in your browser's history. This function is not affected by using Google's SSL search option.

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