How to Enable Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Simultaneously

By Randall Blackburn

Enable your wireless and mobile networks at the same time on your smartphone.
i Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

On iOS and Android devices, you can enable Wi-Fi and your mobile network at the same time. You do not need to disable one to connect to the other. If your 4G device is in range of a 4G signal, the phone will automatically use the more efficient signal over 3G, so there is nothing you need to change for this feature.

Android: Enable Networks

Open the Settings menu on the Android device, and then click the “Wireless & Networks” option. Enable your mobile network by sliding the “Mobile Network” toggle to “On.” When the mobile network is enabled, you do not need to establish a connection because connecting to the Internet is automatic. Slide the Wi-Fi toggle to “On” to enable the wireless adapter on the device. Note that some Android devices have check boxes instead of toggle switches.

Android: Connect to Wireless

From the Wireless & Networks menu, tap the “Wi-Fi” option to view available connections in range. Tap a network to establish a connection. If you need a password to connect, a password dialog box opens. Type the password, and then tap “OK.” The connection is saved on your device for the next time you want to connect to the same network. Your wireless adapter can remain on even when not in range of any of your networks.

iOS: Enable Networks

On a device running iOS 7, launch the Settings app from the home screen, and then tap the “Cellular” tab. Slide the Cellular toggle to “On” to enable the mobile network. Return to the Settings screen, and then tap the “Wi-Fi” tab. Slide the Wi-Fi toggle to “On.” Both networks are enabled.

iOS: Connect to Wireless

Tap the Wi-Fi tab in the Settings menu to open the Wi-Fi menu. Available networks in range are displayed under the Wi-Fi switch. Tap a network to connect. Supply the password, if prompted, and then click “Join.” Your wireless connection is saved on the iOS device for future use