How to Enable the Speakers on the HP W2207H

By Jason Artman

The HP w2207h is a 22-inch wide-screen LCD computer monitor with built-in speakers. Because having a monitor with built-in speakers is somewhat unusual -- computer speakers are normally separate peripherals -- you might be confused about how to set up and enable the speakers of your w2207h. Once you have the speakers enabled, however, you should find that the system requires very little maintenance or configuration. Most of the volume adjustments necessary can be made from within Windows.

Make sure that the Windows Mixer is not muted. There should not be a red circle over the speaker icon in the system tray. If there is, click the speaker icon and then adjust the slider bar to raise the volume.

Make sure that the HP w2207h is connected correctly. There should be a cable connected at one end to the "Audio In" port on the back of the monitor, and at the other end to the green speaker output port on the back of your computer. If you have a laptop, connect the other end of the cable to the headphone jack.

Press the volume button on the front of the HP w2207h. This button has a speaker-shaped icon above it.

Press the "+" button to raise the volume.

Press the "Select" button to save the volume settings.