How to Enable Sound on UStream

by Maxwell Payne

UStream is an online service that lets you broadcast live video and audio of yourself from your computer to the world. Viewers can see video live through the website. Whether you are a broadcaster or a viewer, ensure that audio settings are turned on and set properly if you wish either to transmit audio or to hear audio of live video.

Enabling Sound as a Viewer

Click on the UStream video link of the video stream you want to view.

Wait for the video feed to load. Locate the "volume" control icon to the lower right of the video feed. The icon looks like a small speaker.

Click on the volume icon if there is no sound. Sound should begin to emit. If not, use the cursor to slide the volume level upward in the small pop-up level bar that appears above the volume icon.

Enabling Sound as a Broadcaster

Plug in your microphone, instrument or other audio device into your computer's "audio in" jack. If your computer has a built-in microphone, skip this step.

Log into your UStream account and select "Broadcast Now" from your home page.

Click on the "Audio Sources" drop-down menu. Select the audio device you want to use such as "built-in mic" or "external microphone."

Select "Apply." Verify that "Audio Broadcast" is selected and checked off under the "Local Stream Monitor." Set the status of the stream monitor to "On."


  • check If the video feed's audio is turned on, but you can't hear anything, verify your computer speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up by clicking on the volume icon (in the right side of the Start menu in Windows and in the upper-right corner of the screen in Mac OS X).
  • check Even if all audio settings are correct, the broadcaster you are viewing may not be broadcasting with audio.

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