How to Enable a Realtek Back Panel

by Mike Benson
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Realtek has become one of the leading choices used by motherboard manufacturers. In part, this is due to the efficient audio codecs that lead to a balance between performance and quality when converting an audio signal. Many computers have Realtek-powered audio jacks on the front and back of the motherboard. The Realtek device is designed to output to one or both of these jacks simultaneously. By default, if an audio device is connected to the front panel, audio output may cease in the rear panel. You can change this behavior within the Realtek Sound Manager.

Step 1

Disconnect all of your sound devices from both the front and back panels.

Step 2

Right-click the Realtek icon located next to the clock on your taskbar.

Step 3

Click "Sound Manager." This loads the Realtek Sound Manager in a new window on your screen.

Step 4

Click the "Wrench" icon next to Analog. This loads a "Connector Settings" dialog box.

Step 5

Click to place a check in the box next to "Disable Front Panel Jack Detection" and then click to remove the check from the box next to "Mute Rear Panel Output when Front Headphone Plugged in."

Step 6

Click the "OK" button and close the Realtek Sound Manager.

Reconnect your sound devices. The rear jacks should now output an audio signal.


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