How to Enable a Logitech Webcam Motion Sensor

By Jim Farthing

Do you think your kids are snooping around your room when you are not at home? Ever wonder what your kids are doing when they say they are doing homework? If you own a Logitech webcam, keeping an eye on someone or your belongings can be very simple. One feature of Logitech webcams is motion detection. Enabling the Logitech webcam motion detector feature is easily done by following several simple steps. In a short time a home security system can be up and running.

Step 1

Launch the Logitech QuickCam software by either double-clicking the QuickCam icon on your desktop or clicking the QuickCam icon in your system tray.

Step 2

Click on the QuickCapture icon to launch QuickCapture.

Step 3

Select the video size that is needed by clicking on the small arrow where it says "Video Size" to the lower right of the picture.

Step 4

Click on the arrow on the button that says "Record Video" to open the Video Options window.

Step 5

Put a check mark next to "Enable Motion Detection."

Step 6

Set the duration time for the video where it says "Time Limit in Seconds."

Step 7

Set the camera's sensitivity by using the slider control. This value will need to be experimented with to get the desired results. When setting the sensitivity, any motion detected will not result in video if it is in Green. Motion detected in Red will cause the recording to start.