How to Enable Login Using a Fingerprint Scanner in Windows 8

By Andrew McClain

When properly equipped, your computer can use fingerprints to identify you.
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While passwords have long formed the basis of personal computer security, passwords can be faked, stolen or spoofed. To increase security, newer computers can use biometric information, like fingerprints, to control who can log in to or access the computer. You can install a fingerprint reader on your PC or desktop. Once you have the fingerprint reader enabled in Windows, users must swipe their fingers in order to log in.

Step 1

Type "fingerprint" on the Start screen. You can also open the Charms bar, type "PC Settings" and select "Change PC Settings" then "Users."

Step 2

Click "Fingerprint." A series of numbers will open on the screen.

Step 3

Select a number, and swipe your finger over your fingerprint reader. Every time you add a new user to the system, you can click on a different number and have the new user set a fingerprint for that profile.

Step 4

Click "Finish" when done. Your computer will require a fingerprint to log in.