How to Enable Lane Assist on a Garmin

By William Pullman

GPS units use satellites to plot and track your position.
i Paul Guzzo/Creatas/Getty Images

Several Garmin GPS receiver models have Lane Assist technology, which shows you the lane you need to drive in to make the next turn. When viewing the main navigation screen, Lane Assist appears in the upper-left corner as several arrows, replacing the Next Turn indicator, which is only one arrow. The arrows represent the number of lanes on the road, and the white arrow indicates the lane that you should drive. You can get a preview of the lane you'll need to drive in prior to Lane Assist appearing on the main navigation screen by enabling the Lane Assist screen.

Step 1

Tap the "Next Turn" icon, which is the single arrow with the remaining distance until the turn, to view the map of the next turn.

Step 2

Touch "Lane Assist" to view the Lane Assist image. The purple arrow shows you which lane you should drive in to make the next turn.

Step 3

Tap the "Back" button to return to the map.