How to Enable an iPod for Disk Use

by Morgan O'Connor

Your iPod is designed to sync with your iTunes library and hold a copy of all the music, videos, movies and more stored in iTunes. For the casual iPod user who wants nothing more than to listen to music while working out or on the go, this is typically sufficient. There may come a time, though, when you wish to transfer other files onto your iPod and use it as a drive rather than simply a music player. To use your iPod in this manner, enable disk use.

Open iTunes on your computer, and then plug your iPod into your computer.

Click your iPod within iTunes. Your iPod should be listed under "Devices" in the left panel of iTunes. You should now see information about your iPod in the main portion of iTunes. Click the "Summary" tab if it is not already active.

Click within the box beside "Enable disk use" to put a check mark inside it. This lets you to use your iPod as a drive while still allowing it to sync automatically with iTunes.

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