How to Enable the Internet on a Samsung Champ

By Andrew McClain

Install AT&T Internet
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The Samsung Champ is a small smartphone designed for European markets. The phone can access the Internet through its General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS. When you purchase the phone, you can have an SD card inserted into it to set up configure the GPRS, but if you want to set it up on your own with a separate provider, you can manually enter the information necessary to enable Internet access.

Step 1

Contact the Internet service provider you want to use for your phone to get the following settings you need to configure the phone: home URL, proxy address, access point name, user ID and password.

Step 2

Turn on the phone.

Step 3

Select "Settings" from the main menu.

Step 4

Tap "Application Settings," "Internet," then "Internet Profiles."

Step 5

Tap "Create."

Step 6

Enter a name for the connection in the Set Name field.

Step 7

Type a home URL, which is the home Web address for your provider.

Step 8

Select "GPRS" in the Bearer field.

Step 9

Select "On" in the Proxy field, and then enter the proxy address, provided by your ISP.

Step 10

Update your "GPRS" settings with access point name, user ID and password from your provider.

Step 11

Click "Save."