How to Enable Integrated WiFi in an HP Pavilion

By Jason Artman

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Integrated Wi-Fi is a popular feature for laptop computer users, who usually purchase their computers with the desire to work or play on the go. Before this can happen, however, you will need to enable the internal wireless Internet adapter on your HP Pavilion laptop.

Step 1

Turn the computer on and look for a status light with an antenna-shaped icon. If the status light next to this icon is blue, the integrated Wi-Fi is already enabled; if the light is dark or amber, Wi-Fi is turned off.

Step 2

Locate the wireless switch or button on your notebook. On some HP Pavilion models, the switch is located on the front of the unit; on other models, there is a heat-sensitive button above the keyboard rather than a switch.

Step 3

Move the Wi-Fi power switch to the right to enable the integrated Wi-Fi; if your Pavilion has a heat-sensitive Wi-Fi button, just touch it. The Wi-Fi indicator light should change to blue, indicating that the wireless adapter is on.