How to Enable the eScan Antivirus Monitor

By Kefa Olang

eScan Anti-virus is a security program that allows you to monitor your computer in real time. Using the built-in monitoring feature, eScan Anti-virus alerts you to potential threats that attempt to infiltrate your computer through the Internet, email and portable devices such as external hard drives. Because dangerous threats come from many different angles, enabling the eScan monitor improves system protection and security.

Locate the eScan Anti-virus icon on the system tray next to the clock. It looks like a shield with a red "X" marked over it. The "X" across the icon means the eScan Monitor is disabled.

Right-click the eScan Antivirus Monitor icon and click "Enable Monitoring." You know the monitor is enabled when the "X" disappears.

Alternatively, you can enable the eScan Antivirus Monitor by clicking the Windows "Start" button, clicking "All Programs," selecting the "eScan Antivirus" folder, and then clicking "eScan Monitor."