How to Enable the Camera on an ASUS

By David Weedmark

Activate the camera from an Asus device without unlocking the screen.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Asus laptops, tablets and some desktop PCs come with at least one camera embedded above the screen. Many have a second rear-facing camera as well. Activating the camera is basically the same on any Asus device, with only slight variations depending on whether it has the Windows 8 or Android operating system.

Using the Camera App

On Asus devices with either Windows 8 or Android, you can launch the Camera app from the desktop or the home screen. On Windows 8, click or tap the "Camera" tile on the desktop. On an Android device, tap the "Camera" app located at the bottom of the screen. You can use this app to take pictures or record videos. Other apps like Skype will also activate the camera when you launch them.

Lock Screen Access

On both Windows and Android devices, you can quickly access the Asus camera from the lock screen without entering a passcode. On Windows 8, swipe your finger down on the lock screen or click and drag the mouse downwards to open the Camera app. On an Android device, tap the lock icon and drag it onto the "Camera" icon to immediately access the camera. To see the photo you took, you will need to unlock the screen.