How to Enable Bluetooth on the Lenovo W510

By Mandy Slake

Some Lenovo laptops include a dedicated Bluetooth button, but the ThinkPad W510 has the Bluetooth function buried under a sub-menu. You can access the sub-menu using the keyboard. Once Bluetooth is enabled, you can pair the ThinkPad W510 with a variety of Bluetooth devices, including headsets and cell phones. Bluetooth does drain the battery faster; however, so the user should only enable it when they are ready to use it to conserve battery power.

Step 1

Locate the function key on the keyboard. It is on the bottom left and marked "Fn."

Step 2

Hold down the "Fn" key.

Step 3

Press the F5 key to open the Wireless Connection Manager screen.

Step 4

Click the "Radio On" button next to Bluetooth Radio to enable Bluetooth.