How to Enable a Hidden BIOS Menu on a Dell Laptop

By Ty Arthur

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When you press the power button on your Dell laptop, it loads the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) before the operating system is started. The BIOS ensures that each hardware component is operational and then loads the operating system. If you want to change certain system settings, such as the boot sequence or processor speed, you can do so through the BIOS. The BIOS menu is hidden and can only be accessed by pressing a specific key as the system is restarting.

Step 1

Close down any programs or files that are open on your Dell laptop. Restart the laptop's operating system.

Step 2

Wait for the Dell logo to be displayed on the screen as the system reboots. Tap the "F2" key to access the hidden BIOS menu.

Step 3

Use an alternate key if your Dell laptop does not use the "F2" key to access the BIOS menu. Tap "Delete" and see if the BIOS menu appears. Depending on your specific Dell laptop model, you may also need to use a combination such as "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Enter" at the same time.

Step 4

Use the "Fn" and "F1" keys at the same time if the previous keys didn't work. Try the final combination of "Fn" and "Escape" if the BIOS menu still hasn't appeared.

Step 5

Move through the Dell BIOS menu by using the laptop's arrow keys. Press "Enter" to access the currently highlighted option and change the setting. Press "Escape" to exit the BIOS menu.