How to Embed SWF Files in HTML

by Katherine Johnson

Small Web Format (SWF) files are frequently used to make interactive websites or videos. SWF files can be built using a variety of open and closed-source programs such as Adobe Flash, SWiSH Max4 and MXMLC. To make SWF files easily accessible to your website's visitors, you can embed the file within a HTML file. This will allow you to display SWF files on your website without changing the overall look and feel of your site.

Open the HTML file that you want to add your Flash file to in your favorite HTML editor.

Locate the "<body>" tag within the body of the HTML file.

Insert the following text below the "<body>" tag: <object width="500" height="250"> <param name="movie" value="Flash_Movie/New_Flash_Movie.swf"> <embed src="Flash_Movie/New_Flash_Movie.swf" width="500" height="250"> </embed> </object> Adjust the movie's width and height if needed, and change the file name and directory to match your SWF file's name and location.

Save the changes you just made to your HTML file. Close the HTML file.

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