How to Embed a Slide Show in a Craigslist Posting

By Kevin Lee

Adding a compelling animated slide show that displays your products is one way to capture the eye of Craigslist buyers. Craigslist, an online classifieds site, allows sellers to embed a variety of HTML elements inside a post. A software-based multimedia slide show movie, such as Flash, is not one of those elements. You can, however, create an animated GIF slide show and embed it in your ad. Craigslist viewers will see your slide show when viewing your posting. Several websites not only build animated GIFs for you, but host them as well.

Create Slide Show

Step 1

Visit a website that allows you to create and host free animated GIFs. Sites that provide this service include, and

Step 2

Click the site's "Browse" button to open a file-selection window. This window displays your hard drive's files.

Step 3

Click the files you would like to use, and then click "Open." The file-selection window closes and returns you to the site's main page.

Step 4

Find the "Speed" drop-down box located on the page. This drop-down box allows you select the speed at which you would like your slide show images to appear on the screen. Choose high values to make the images appear quickly and lower speed values to make them go by more slowly. You probably want to choose a slower speed that gives Craigslist buyers time to study each image before the slide show displays the next one.

Step 5

Locate the "Continue," "Create Animation" or "View Your Animation" button that appears on the page. Different sites have different names for these buttons. They all perform the same task: They allow you to view your slide show animation. Click the button. The site displays your slide show along with a text box contains the URL to your animated GIF file. The heading for that text box may display the words "Direct Link," "Image Link" or some other text that means "Link to This File."

Copy the URL from that text box using your mouse.

Add Slide Show to Craigslist

Step 1

Navigate to Craigslist, and open one of your ads.

Step 2

Move to the "Posting Description" box where the text of your ad resides. Paste the following text anywhere inside the ad:

Replace "xyz.gif" with the URL text you copied from the GIF animation website. Adding this HTML "img" tag to your Craigslist post embeds the image inside the ad.

Step 3

Click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page to preview the ad. You will see your slide show playing inside the ad.

Click "Edit Again" to return to the previous page. Complete your ad and submit it.