How to Embed QuickTime on Facebook

By Brandy Alexander

Add your QuickTime movie to your Facebook page.
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When you embed a file, you make it part of a page so that your visitors have the option to view and enjoy your work. Consider embedding a QuickTime file on your Facebook page to enhance your content and entertain your friends. The QuickTime file may contain any type of media, from video to graphics. Using the tools on your Facebook account, embed your QuickTime media on your Facebook page in a matter of minutes.

Log into your Facebook account.

Click the "Home" or "Profile" link in the top left corner to access one of these pages. Further, if you click the "Profile" link, click the "Wall" tab at the top. Your "Home" displays a news feed containing all of the most recent updates from your friends, while the "Profile" is your personal Facebook page that your friends can view.

Click on the text box that displays at the top of each page and then click on the "Video" button that automatically appears underneath.

Click the "Upload a Video" link and then click the "Choose File" button to select your QuickTime video from your computer. Click the "Share" button when ready.

Read through the terms of service in the window that appears and then click the "Agree" button. Facebook only allows videos that are created by you or your friends to be uploaded.

Click the "Close" button to finish adding your QuickTime file, or click the "Edit Video" button to enter information, such as the title and description, for your video. If you chose "Edit Video," click the "Save" button when done. Your QuickTime file now displays with a play button on the page.