How to Embed PPS in HTML

By Louise Balle

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If you're a student or a business professional who has to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on a regular basis you might have to save the file as a PPS (PowerPoint Show). This format loads the presentation as a slideshow automatically when you open the file. Most browsers aren't compatible with PPS documents, so you'll have to first convert the show to a format that can load in an HTML page.

Step 1

Open the PPS file in Microsoft PowerPoint to ensure that it is designed to your liking and has proper timings if applicable to the presentation. Save the final file to your hard drive.

Step 2

Convert your PPS document to SWF (Macromedia Flash) format using a PowerPoint to SWF converter, such as OpenOffice Impress, Wondershare or Adobe Flash (see Resources). In OpenOffice Impress, click "File," then "Open" to load the PPS file, then "File" and "Export" to save it as an SWF (Flash file). In Wondershare, import the presentation and select "Flash" from the list of menu options to perform the conversion. In Adobe Flash, click "File," then "Save As" in Microsoft PowerPoint first to save the document as a WMF file. Select "Import" on the Adobe Flash main menu, then click "Export" to save it as a SWF file. Whichever method you choose, name the final file "powerpointshow.swf" or something similar.

Step 3

Open your HTML file and find the section within the "" tags of your web page where you want to embed the PowerPoint show.

Step 4

Type into the code:

You can change the width and height dimensions to your needs; 720 by 540 pixels is about the size of a standard presentation. This embeds the PowerPoint show into your web page for viewing.

Step 5

Save the updated HTML file and upload it to your server. Test the page containing the embedded presentation in your browser.