How to Embed Google Translate

by Tina Amo

Google Translate is an intelligent tool that can translate any combination of 57 languages. According to Google, it compares documents that humans have translated to provide the best available translation for the content of the current page. The initial translation may not be perfect, but the tool is designed to improve with each translation it makes. Google Translate is free to use and the installation process is straightforward.

Navigate to the Google Translate website. Determine how much of your page you want the tool to translate. From the Google Translate page, click the radio button to "Add Translation to the Entire Web Page" or the radio button to "Add Translation to a Section of the Web Page."

Click the drop-down arrow for the menu to pick the language you have used for the text on your Web page.

Click the "Optional Settings" link for additional options. For instance, choose to have the tool translate for all available languages or specific languages; alter the appearance of the tool for your page and track how page visitors use the tool.

Click the "Preview Your Page" link to see how the tool appears on a page based on the display settings selected.

Copy the code provided when satisfied with your choices. Open the Web page in your Web development program and paste the code into the body section of your website.

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