How to Embed a Font

by Louise Balle

If you are a graphic designer or word processing professional, it is important that you get familiar with the process of embedding fonts. When a font is not embedded into a document, such as a design layout or text file, someone with another computer might have problems viewing or printing your document correctly. This is because there is no way to guarantee that the other person has the font installed on his system. So before you send any file, make sure that you format the file so that the fonts are embedded within.

Finish laying out your document. This could be in any standard layout program, like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator or a Word processing program like Microsoft Word. Even presentation and spreadsheet software is fine---as long as you can enter text and fonts into the program.

Adjust the fonts for your text to your liking. Make sure that the words appear just as you want them to look when printed. Save the file.

Convert the file to PDF format using a conversion program like Adobe Acrobat or the online PDF creator from Adobe at A PDF converter automatically embeds all of your fonts into the PDF file so that all computers can view and print the font correctly. Even if the viewer does not have your specific font, he will be able to see it just as you designed the file.

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