How to Embed Facebook Events on a Site

By James T Wood

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook.
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Allowing people to see -- off of Facebook -- what's happening on Facebook is an important way to connect with different audiences. Some people only want to look at your blog or website and don't have a Facebook account. Instead of leaving them out, you can include them by posting your Facebook event to your website using the embed code available for Facebook posts.

Embed Posts

In July 2013, Facebook launched the post-embedding feature. Its purpose is to allow public posts from Facebook to be embedded onto other websites. Web users who aren't on Facebook can see that Facebook content, and perhaps be motivated to visit Facebook -- a beneficial outcome for CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company. Only posts can be embedded, and only those posts that are marked as public can be embedded. If your personal page is set to private, you won't be able to embed an event post from that page. But if you see an event on a public page, or you create the post on a public page you administrate, you can easily embed it on your website.

Create an Event

The event page can't be embedded, but a post about the event can. If you can't easily find a post about the event you can create one. From the event page, copy the URL from your browser's address bar. Browse to the public page on Facebook to which you want to post the event. In the status box, type something about the event, and then paste in the URL of the event. Wait for Facebook to recognize the URL and generate a preview. After that you can delete the URL from the text of the post, if you wish, and the link will remain.

Get the Code

Once you've got a post about the event on a public page you can click the arrow in the upper right corner of the post to get the embed option. The drop-down menu gives several choices; select the Embed Post option. Facebook generates a preview of the embedded post and gives you the embed code that you can use on your website. Make any changes to the code that you want, select it and copy it.

Paste to Your Site

Open your website editing tool and look for the place where you want the Facebook event to be posted. Paste the code from Facebook into your site. Facebook uses JavaScript to serve up the embedded post, so your site must support JavaScript -- most do. Save the code and check your page. The Facebook post about the event will appear on your website.