How to Embed an E-Card

By Kelly Gray

With a mouse click, e-cards can be easily embedded on websites.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

E-cards can be found on a number of Internet websites for any type of holiday or occasion. Sometimes, individuals want to post this cards on their own website, on a social networking site or even on a blog. To post an e-card, you must embed it on the page using an embed code. The action is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Select an e-card to embed. Cards can be free or cost a small fee.

Find the "Embed code to ecard" box on the page. It is usually located underneath the e-card and includes a search-field type of box with a code inside. Select the box by clicking on it with the mouse. This will highlight the code.

Select the "Copy" option from the Edit menu at the top of the Internet browser to copy the code.

Select "Paste" from the browser's Edit menu, and paste the code into your blog, social networking page or web page. This will allow the card to appear on the page in its original form.