How to Embed Album Art in FLAC

by Joshua Laud

The Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is an audio file format that protects the entire sound quality of a CD source, without the huge file size of WAV source files. If, however, you use FLAC, you may notice that the file format does not by default work in Windows Media Player. As a result, you cannot embed album artwork with it, like you could an MP3. In this example you must install the FLAC codec for Windows Media Player and then you can get album artwork like it was an MP3.

Step 1

Download the Xiph codec pack (see Resources). This is a codec pack that is designed to enable [FLAC]( (and other formats) support in native Windows applications. Double-click the download to install the application.

Step 2

Locate your FLAC files on your computer. Highlight them and double-click the selection. Click, if prompted, to open them with "Windows Media Player."

Step 3

Right-click the album and click "Find album info." This will then add and embed the album artwork to your FLAC files.

Add the artwork manually if you prefer, locate an image file on your computer, right-click it and click "Copy." Right-click the album artwork box in WIndows Media Player and click "Paste."


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