How to Find Your Emails

by Derek King

Electronic mail, or email, is used to sent and receive digital messages. Emails are extensively used in education, businesses and at home. Internet email providers allow users to create free email addresses. By accessing the email provider's Web page, users can find all of their emails organized in one place. Access your specific email provider's official web page to view your emails.

Double-click the icon for your specific Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or something similar. If the icon does not exist on the desktop, click the Windows logo in the bottom-left portion of the screen. Select "All Programs," and select your Web browser of choice.

Access your email provider's homepage. Type the Web address of the homepage into the address bar at the top. If required, click a link on the webpage entitled "Mail," "Check Email" or something similar, to access emails.

Observe the email categories typically located in on the top-left portion of the Web page. Select "Inbox" to open the list of email messages sent to your address. View the titles of each email and the sender. To open individual emails, simple click directly on the title using your mouse.

Click the link entitled "Sent" from the email categories to open a list of emails sent by you to other addresses. To view fraudulent emails sent by corporations, click "Spam" from the list of categories. Select "Trash" to view a list of emails deleted, either by you or by the email provider automatically.

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