How to Find an Email Address Using the Home Telephone Number

by LissaJ

If you are looking for contact information such as email addresses, mailing addresses or telephone numbers, you'll need to find a searching option that can utilize the pieces of information you already have to find the ones that you don't. If you have someone's phone number, you might be able to find his email address, depending on how he has set up his account. This only works if the person has used his phone number to set up his email address.

Find an online people search engine that uses pieces of information you already possess to search for additional information. Some of these include the White Pages, The Ultimates and Yahoo! People Search (see Resources), but there are hundreds of others.

Find the section of your chosen search engine that is listed as a "reverse search." It will feature an area in which you can input a phone number.

Input the telephone number into the search engine.

Pay for the results with a credit card, if the search engine you have chosen is not free.


  • check There are many free sites that advertise as being email locator sites. However, you will find the best results with pay sites, because such sites have bigger databases from which to pull. Free site information might also be outdated.


  • close These sites will not work unless the person whose email address you're seeking has used her phone number to set up her email account. Therefore, with some free email accounts you will get no results.

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