How to Email Text Messages to Any Phone

by Contributor

Did you know it is possible to email text messages to any phone? Mobile phone carriers use gateways to bridge the Internet to their mobile networks. Take advantage of this gateway to save on text messaging fees. Email messages transmitted using a gateway are subject to the same 160 character restrictions as a text message. Longer messages are cut off after 160 characters. If you have a smart phone with unlimited emailing, use this trick to cut down on the SMS part of your phone bill.


Open your email client or Web browser for online email interfaces. Create a new email message.


Enter the phone number of the person you are sending the message to in the "To:" field. Do not include any spaces or dashes. Enter the appropriate domain ending after the number for the wireless carrier of the person you are messaging: Sprint: Verizon: T-Mobile: AT&T: MetroPCS: Cingular: Virgin Mobile USA: Boost Mobile: For example, for a mobile number of (000) 000-0000 on Verizon, enter "" in the "To" field.


Type a message of less than 160 characters in the message body field of your email client. Click "Send."


  • check If you don't know the email domain for the wireless carrier you want to reach, send a text message from a cell phone on the carrier to your email. Look at the "From" field of the email message to see the "@" portion of the email for that carrier.

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