How to Email Someone Using Their IP Address

By LissaJ

You can sometimes determine someone's IP address.
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You can find someone's IP, or Internet protocol, address quite easily, as long as you have a direct transfer open with him. A direct transfer means there is information flowing over the Internet between your computer and the other person's computer at the moment you search for an IP address. You might be chatting with him, or he might be downloading a large file from you at that moment. Once you find his IP address, you can try to find his email address so you can email him.

Chat with the person online, or send her a file that requires a download. This will open up a direct connection and transfer between the two of you.

Click on your "Start" menu, and then choose "Run" and "cmd." Type "netstat" into the black box that comes up. The IP addresses that come up are those of anyone you have a direct connection open with.

Use an IP address search function online to get more information about the IP address, or type it into a search bar. You should get the email address and phone records for the Internet service provider that gave the IP address to the person you are looking for. A few IP address search sites are listed in Resources. Open one and type in the IP address into the search bar. It will yield results you can use to find the Internet service provider.

Contact the Internet service provider to get the email of the person you are seeking. Remember that if you have a legal reason or a warrant, you'll get the information right away. Otherwise, the ISP might not give you the email address, citing privacy concerns. You can then email the person.