Email Password Recovery

by Reena Das

Email password recovery tools help you recover the password information provided during setup of your e-mail software. The software extracts the password from the mail server and displays it, or offers provisions to change it.


The email password software is client specific. While some, like Advanced Outlook Express, works with all Outlook Express versions, there are exclusive tools for web-based email programs.

Purchase provides a free evaluation demo of a legitimate email password recovery software prior to purchase. Ensure your computer meets the system requirements and has the compatible operating system.


A password recovery wizard walks you through instructions for web-based email clients. With a POP3 account, the recovery tool acts as the server. Once the user account requesting the email password is authenticated, the computer connects to the server, retrieves the password and displays it or provides instructions to change it.


Free password hacking tools are available for download all over the web. Many tools contain trojans and malicious viruses harmful to your computer. Download from legitimate sources only.

Time Frame

Password recovery should be instant after downloading and running the tool.

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