How to Email a Large Microsoft Publisher File

By Anne Hirsh

Email program size limitations may cause problems when you try to send a large Microsoft Publisher file. If your file is close to the size limit, you may be able to simply compress it and email it normally. If the file is still too large for this method, you will need to use a third-party email service that acts as a file transfer site for your file. These services let you upload the file to a temporary storage site online, and then automatically generate an email for the file's intended recipient. The email provides a link for the user to download the file, similar to downloading an email attachment.

Compressing Files

Step 1

Browse to your saved Publisher file on your computer, but do not open it.

Step 2

Right-click the file and choose "Send to" from the menu.

Step 3

Select "Compressed (zipped) folder." Publisher files often contain images, multiple fonts and formatting that increase the file size. Compression lets your computer store these items in a smaller package.

Hover your mouse pointer over the compressed/zipped file when the process completes. A window with the file's size should appear next to your pointer, and it will be less than the original file's size. If this is small enough to send, simply attach the compressed folder to your email and mail it as you normally would. Compression amounts vary according to file, so this may or may not shrink the file size enough for standard email.

Third-Party Senders

Step 1

Visit a file transfer site that helps users send large emails, such as Pando, You Send It or Send This File (see Resources). Most file transfer sites offer free services for sending single files, and charge only for multiple files or faster delivery. However, some free services have size limits, so read the specifications carefully before choosing a service.

Step 2

Browse to the Publisher file on your computer through the site's upload interface and upload your Publisher file into the system.

Step 3

Enter your email recipient's address and your email address in the appropriate fields, and follow any other onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Notify your file's recipient in a separate email to expect the file, especially if that person is wary of downloading files from the Internet.