How to Email an E-Book to an iPad

by Julius Vandersteen

The iPad is tablet computer from Apple. It comes with a Multi-Touch display, which measures 7.3 inches by 9.5 inches, making it suitable for reading e-books. The Wi-Fi iPad can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi, and the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi or through a cellular data network. You can download an e-book to the iPad over the Internet with Apple's free iBooks app, copy it over a USB cable with the free iTunes application on your computer, or receive one as an attachment in an email message.


Draft an email message and address it to yourself, using an email account that you have set up with your iPad. Attach an e-book to the message from a folder on your computer. Click "Send" to send the email.


Tap the Mail icon on the home screen of your iPad when it is connected to the Internet.


Tap an email account's mailbox to open it. The iPad will start downloading the latest email messages.


Tap the message that has the e-book attached to it. The message will open on the screen.


Tap the e-book link in the message. If it is a PDF file, it will open in the Mail app. If it is saved in a different format, such as EPUB, you will be prompted to open it in iBooks or another book-reading app installed on your iPad. Tap the arrow icon while reading a PDF with the Mail app if you want to read the PDF with a book-reading app. A list of compatible apps will appear. Tap an app, and the iPad will switch to the app and display the e-book with it.

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