How to Email to Cell Phone Numbers

By Jayzee A

You can easily send a text message to a friend using your email.
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Many people do not realize that they can send a text message using their email. Depending on the service, your email is probably free. This means you can send a text message to a friend without getting charged. This comes in handy when you find yourself with a computer but no phone. Sending a text message using your email is easy. However, you need to know a little more than just the phone number. You will also need to know the recipient's wireless phone provider.

Sign on to your email and compose a new message.

Enter the subject of your message (if desired). Type out your text message. Keep in mind that only the first 160 characters will appear at once in one text message.

Enter your recipient's 10-digit phone number in the "To:" section of the email.

Find the recipient's email address from the list below:



Boost Mobile





Add the email address after the recipient's 10-digit phone number.

For example: If your recipient's phone number is 1234567890 and his wireless phone provider is Verizon, his email address would be