How to View Email Attachments in AOL

By C. Taylor

AOL enables you to receive and view attached files.
i Jochen Sand/Digital Vision/Getty Images

AOL restricts emails to a maximum size of 25MB, inclusive of the message text and any attached files. Attachments that force the email to exceed this limit cannot be delivered, but correctly sized attachments are available for download within the email. AOL does not offer the option to open attachments directly in the AOL window, but Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox both support opening AOL attachments for viewing with a selected application without permanently downloading the file first.

Step 1

Log in to your AOL Mail account and click the email containing the attachments.

Step 2

Click the green attachment button, which is labeled with the name of the file, to start the download.

Step 3

Choose to open the file in the resulting dialog. In Firefox 20, click "Open With," select the appropriate application from the drop-down menu and click "OK." In Internet Explorer 10, click "Open" from the bottom overlay menu to view the attachment in the file extension's default program.