How to Find the Email Address of a YouTube Account

by Andrea Ruiz
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YouTube's platform permits users to upload videos directly on its website through a variety of means. Users can either use a Web form to upload video files stored on their hard drives or record live videos using the webcams on their computers, for example. Because many mobile devices also have video-recording capabilities, YouTube allows its users to upload videos directly from their mobile devices. To do so, you must first locate your unique YouTube email address to which you can send the video files on your phone.

Step 1

Log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2

Click the downward-pointing arrow next to your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. The settings menu expands below the top bar.

Step 3

Click the "YouTube Settings" link in the YouTube section of the expanded menu to navigate to the overview page of your YouTube account settings.

Locate your unique email address next to the "Mobile Uploads" section in the middle of the page. It displays as a unique string of alphanumeric characters followed by ""


  • Anyone who has your YouTube email can use it to upload videos to your YouTube account. Do not share your unique YouTube email address with others unless they're trustworthy.


  • If you'd like to change your unique YouTube email address, click the "Click Here" link in the line of text beneath your current mobile-upload address. The page automatically refreshes and displays your new email address.


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