How to Find the Email Address of an Associated Press Reporter (3 Steps)

By Helen Holzer

AP reporters can be reached through their bureaus.
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The Associated Press, or AP, was founded in 1846 and has since earned a reputation as one of the most trusted news organizations in the world. According to AP, more than half the world's population reads its news each day. With about 3,700 employees in 300 locations around the globe, the AP's independent news-gathering appears in newspapers, television, radio, online, and in video and photos. The Associated Press has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other news organization. The AP does not give out individual email addresses of its reporters, but you can contact AP bureaus and direct a phone call or email that will be forwarded.

Step 1

Determine where the AP reporter you wish to contact works. If you cannot find the writer's bureau, select which beat, or department, the reporter writes stories about. Choose from such beats as Arts & Entertainment, Business News, National Reporting, News Features, Sports or Lifestyles.

Step 2

Visit the Associated Press website at and select "Contact AP." You can access the AP bureaus by state and by beat.

Clicking on the appropriate state will give you a list of all AP bureaus in that state as well as the address and phone number for each.

Clicking the selection for "Beat" will provide you with email addresses for departments for each beat as well as the names of beat editors throughout the country.

Step 3

Ask general questions, send a press release or contact a specific person by sending an email to Do not send any attachments. Address your email to the attention of Paul Colford or Jack Stokes in Media Relations.

Your e-mail to will be forwarded to the reporter in question or to an editor.

You can also call the main office in New York at 212-621-1500.