How to Find Email Accounts

by Lita McLeary

Email is a helpful tool in the field of communication as well as in business. Finding email accounts is important for those who have lost touch with friends and loved ones and want to communicate with them again. It is also essential for businessmen and entrepreneurs who want to communicate with prospective clients.

Select an email index or directory. There are many email directories available on the Web. Yahoo's People Finder is among the most popular and established web directories that can help you locate email accounts. Other email directories include and

Provide the needed information and make sure that you put in the correct data. Email directories require the last name and the first name of the person you want to search. If your spelling is incorrect, the search will yield an expansive list of possible matches providing the first few letters of your input.

Give additional data. Some directories give you options to put in additional information such as the person's age or location. These are not requirements of the search but providing such data can help narrow down the search and give you closer matches of email accounts.

Filter your search results. If the search returns too many possibilities, narrow them down by adding more information than what you have already provided. Put in some background information like their interests, affiliations, educational history or any other related data.

Do a web search. Type the person's first and last name using a search engine like Yahoo and Google.


  • check When typing the person's name in search engines, it is recommended that you place them in quotes. For example, if you want to search for an email account of Jim Jackson, you can put in "Jim Jackson." Without quotes, your may receive results that have the last and first name, but not the two together.

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